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Cabinet Re-facing Orange County

When it comes to kitchen or bath remodeling, cabinet re-facing is big business in Orange County. Because the quality of the cabinet materials used in Orange County make re-finishing such a poor choice many people are persuaded to dress up their old cabinets with a new face when they want to remodel their kitchen or bath.

There are several levels of cabinet re-facing. A very basic cabinet re-facing job would consist of replacing the doors and hinges as well as the drawer fronts. The remainder of the visible exterior cabinet would be covered with a thin veneer adhered to the old cabinet face frame and box.

To this could be added pull out trays in a few spots where the existing cabinetry allows, and possibly replacing the drawer boxes with solid wood boxes. If the cabinets being re-faced are newer they may be fitted with either side mounted slides or under-mount slides in which case that hardware could be replaced with something much better than the standard builder's grade.

The interior of the cabinets could also be painted to give them a fresher look since a stark contrast occurs when the exterior of the cabinetry appears new and the interior appears old.

The problem with all of this is that, besides being very pricy for what one gets, the re-facing process fails to address several of the most important reasons for remodeling a kitchen or bath in the first place.

First, the fact that almost ever tract home built in Orange County has a kitchen design or layout that is inefficient at the very least and more often than not down right deplorable.

Re-facing does nothing to address this in anymore than a very marginal sense.

So many wonderful options are available today which make a remodeled kitchen much more efficient and pleasant to cook in. It seems almost tragic not to incorporate as many of them as is practical considering the financial and emotional investment any kitchen project entails.

As already mentioned, the interior will look worse than ever when wed to a dolled up exterior. New cabinets are new inside and out making the kitchen or bath remodel look complete.

Finally, there is the issue of the finish which, just as in the case of re-finishing, will involve a less than satisfactory top coat (lacquer) if it is applied anywhere in California. The finish needs to be applied where a catalyzed varnish finish can be baked on. This will insure a long lasting finish and more than likely include a limited lifetime warranty from the cabinet manufacturer.

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